10 Most Expensive Cards in Twilight Masquerade: Valuable Cards from Kitakami

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most expensive cards in twilight masquerade

Ready to experience the mystery and beauty of Kitakami? Here is a list of the most expensive cards in Twilight Masquerade!

For the sixth Pokemon TCG expansion of the Scarlet and Violet series, The Pokemon Company decided to feature the small but interesting land of Kitakami.

Twilight Masquerade provided us with an initial look into the Pokemon ecosystem of Kitakami, as well as the familiar characters present in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games DLC, The Teal Mask.

For today’s post, we’re going to share the most expensive chase cards in the entire set, so that collectors and players alike can identify which cards are worth pulling while opening packs of Twilight Masquerade.

10. Wellspring Mask Ogerpon ex (Special Illustration Rare)

Twilight Masquerade - Wellspring Mask Ogerpon Ex (Special Illustration Rare)

Ogerpon, the set’s mascot Pokemon, becomes the Wellspring Mask Ogerpon upon wearing the Wellspring mask that turns it into a Grass/Water type.

With its double-hitting move Torrential Pump, this Wellspring Mask Ogerpon ex is quite the chase card as it damages the opponent’s Active and Bench Pokemon.

This card works well with other cards that can retrieve Water energy cards from the deck, such as Chien-Pao ex.

9. Lana’s Aid (Special Illustration Rare)

Twilight Masquerade - Lana'S Aid (Special Illustration Rare)

Seeing an Alolan character in a Kitakami-themed set is quite a rarity, isn’t it?

While the water-loving Lana is indeed a surprise in Twilight Masquerade, its artwork and Trainer effect are the main factors that drive up its value, making it one of the most expensive cards in the set.

8. Kieran (Special Illustration Rare)

Twilight Masquerade - Kieran (Special Illustration Rare)

Kieran is a recurring character in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s video game DLC, The Teal Mask.

Originally introduced as a shy and quiet person, Kieran befriended the main character before hatred and jealousy turned him into a strong and powerful trainer that defeated all members of the Blueberry League Elite Four.

In this expensive Special Illustration Rare card, Kieran is seen enjoying the Festival of Masks as he buys a pair of delicious candy apples.

7. Teal Mask Ogerpon ex (Special Illustration Rare)

Twilight Masquerade - Teal Mask Ogerpon Ex (Special Illustration Rare)

Teal Mask Ogerpon ex is currently the priciest Ogerpon card in the Twilight Masquerade set and also one of the most expensive cards in Twilight Masquerade.

Wearing the Teal Mask allows Ogerpon to maximize the true potential of his typing, which is evident with this card’s ability and move.

Teal Dance ability is an excellent way to power up Ogerpon’s Myriad Leaf Shower, which is most destructive if both you and your opponent’s active Pokemon have a lot of Energy cards attached to them.

6. Buddy-Buddy Poffin (Hyper Rare)

Twilight Masquerade - Buddy-Buddy Poffin (Hyper Rare)

With their gold-plated surface, Hyper Rare cards tend to fetch a lot of value among collectors nowadays.

An example of such a Hyper Rare card is the meta-friendly Buddy-Buddy Poffin, which became highly sought after by professional players with the recent banning of the VIP Battle Pass.

This item card is an excellent way to pull out important Basic Pokemon in the early phase, which is why it’s in-demand in many decks like the Charizard ex deck.

5. Eevee (Illustration Rare)

Twilight Masquerade - Eevee (Illustration Rare)

This Eevee Illustration Rare isn’t just a chase card because of the Pokemon’s popularity–it gained a lot of value from being one of the few Pokemon cards capable of evolving itself.

Just like in the Pokemon games, Eevee in Pokemon TCG is a highly versatile Pokemon that is compatible with a wide range of strategies and deck builds.

Imagine playing this Eevee and you use its Ascension move in the early game to call forth a Jolteon or Umbreon that will decimate your opponent’s Active Basic Pokemon. 

4. Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex (Special Illustration Rare)

Twilight Masquerade - Bloodmoon Ursaluna Ex (Special Illustration Rare)

Bloodmoon Ursaluna is a newly discovered Ursaluna variant from the land of Kitakami.

Ursaluna is a Pokemon native to the Hisui region, and after getting lost and arriving in Kitakami, a lone Ursaluna was forced to adapt to its new environment, turning it into its Bloodmoon form.

As shown in this Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex card, this unique Ursaluna remains true to its nature as it is, after all, a great bear who loves honey.

3. Perrin (Special Illustration Rare)

Twilight Masquerade - Perrin (Special Illustration Rare)

According to the video games, Perrin is the one responsible for the main character’s discovery of Bloodmoon Ursaluna after the former asked for help in taking some pictures of the rare Pokemon.

If you will look closely, this fan-favorite waifu from the Teal Mask DLC bears an uncanny similarity to Adaman, the leader of the Diamond Clan in the Pokemon Legends: Arceus, implying the possible lineage between the two.

Perrin is also a powerful card in today’s meta, as it works like having two Ultra Balls without the drawback of discarding a couple of cards.

2. Carmine (Special Illustration Rare)

Twilight Masquerade - Carmine (Special Illustration Rare)

Kieran’s older sister, the ever-protective and assertive Carmine takes the center stage as arguably the one with the largest fanbase in the Teal Mask DLC.

Special Illustration Rare Carmine cards are very difficult to acquire in the set, which led to its current price, reaching as high as a hundred dollars.

Carmine as a Supporter card isn’t that too powerful in competitive play, as it works almost like Professor’s Research that you can play during the first turn.

1. Greninja ex (Special Illustration Rare)

Twilight Masquerade - Greninja Ex (Special Illustration Rare)

With a price that far exceeds all other cards on this list, Greninja ex is an exceptional Pokemon card that everyone wants right now.

This highly elusive and colorful copy of Greninja ex features a Pokemon that can serve as a threat in every game with its two high-damaging moves.

Shinobi Blade deals a whopping 170 damage with just a single Water-type energy card, which also allows you to take any card from your deck.

On the other hand, its Mirage Barrage is a dual-hitting move that deals 120 damage to any two of your opponent’s Pokemon. Don’t mind the discarded energy cards as you can always return them to your deck with a Super Rod.

Most Expensive Cards in Twilight Masquerade: Conclusion

Twilight Masquerade is a promising set filled with cards that can dominate the metagame.

If you enjoyed exploring the Kitakami region in the video games, you will surely be enthralled with all the artwork of Pokemon cards exhibited by this memorable expansion.

As of now, The Special Illustration Rare Greninja ex holds the record of being the most expensive card in the Twilight Masquerade set.

The other valuable cards in the set aren’t pushovers either, so keep your fingers crossed after buying some Pokemon TCG products from Twilight Masquerade.

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