How to Redeem Code Cards in Pokemon TCG Live: A Complete and Easy Guide

Use your codes to bolster your digital card collection by redeeming your Pokemon TCG code cards!


How to Redeem Code Cards in Pokemon TCG

Don’t know what to do with those code cards you get from booster packs? If that’s the case, then you need to learn how to redeem code cards in Pokemon TCG Live!

Playing tabletop Pokemon TCG is still as enjoyable as ever, but we can’t deny that playing the game is much easier on a digital platform.

As the successor of Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, Pokemon TCG Live became an ideal starting point for players to build and practice their decks at the comfort of their homes.

Obtaining digital copies of Pokemon cards is also an excellent and less taxing way of bolstering one’s collection, since booster packs today also contain cards with codes that can be redeemed online.

In case you have a bunch of unused Pokemon code cards, you better put them to good use, as they contain a set of digital cards that you can add to your card library in Pokemon TCG Live.

Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Redeem Code Cards in Pokemon TCG Live

How to Redeem Code Cards via Browser

Step 1: Log in to Pokemon TCG Live Code Redemption Page

How To Redeem Code Cards In Pokemon Tcg Live
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/PokeCardHQ

Open your browser and click this link to the Pokemon TCG Live Code Redemption page.

If you haven’t played Pokemon TCG Live before, you need to create a Trainer Club account and download Pokemon TCG Live.

Once you have your Trainer Club account, use it to log in to the code redemption page.

Step 2: Use the Text Box to Enter the Code From Your Code Card

Pokemon Tcg Live Code Card
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/PokeCardHQ

Take a code card and look for the 13-character code printed on it. Type the code in the text box of the code redemption page.

You can also use the QR code feature of your device to scan the card’s QR code to make things easier.

Step 3: Click Submit.

Submitting Code Cards In Pokemon Tcg Live
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/PokeCardHQ

You can keep submitting codes if you have multiple code cards to redeem, so you can get all the rewards at the same time.

Step 4: Click Redeem

Redeeming Code Cards In Pokemon Tcg Live
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/PokeCardHQ

You should see all your rewards and claim them once you open the Pokemon TCG Live app.

How to Redeem Code Cards via App

Step 1: Open Pokemon TCG Live App

Pokemon Tcg Live App
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/PokeCardHQ

Installing Pokemon TCG Live only takes a few minutes, and you can access your account once you log in on the app the first time.

Step 2: Head Over to Shop

Pokemon Tcg Live Shop
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/PokeCardHQ

From the app’s Home Menu, click on the Shop tab at the upper left side of your screen. The Shop contains various digital versions of Pokemon TCG products–from battle decks, ex boxes, and more.

Step 3: Under Shop, Click on Redeem

Redeem Option Pokemon Tcg Live App
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/PokeCardHQ

The Shop is also the place where you can buy cards from the previous expansions, buy Crystals (Pokemon TCG Live’s in-game currency) for Coins, and redeem rewards from code cards.

Click the Redeem menu to see the app’s code redemption feature.

Step 4: Submit the Codes From Your Code Cards

Submitting Code Cards In Pokemon Tcg Live App
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/PokeCardHQ

Enter the code on the text box provided by the app and hit Submit.

You can keep submitting all the codes from your cards if you want to reap all of your rewards at once.

Step 5: Click on Collect All

Collecting All Rewards In Pokemon Tcg Live Code Cards
Screenshot by Celsos Ricablanca/PokeCardHQ

Once all of your codes have been submitted, simply click on Collect All to redeem your rewards.

Redeeming Pokemon TCG Live Codes: FAQs

Pokemon Tcg Live Code Cards
Valentino-Spice via Reddit

Do Pokemon code cards expire?

Pokemon code cards don’t expire, but they can only be used once. If you try to claim the rewards of a code card twice, you will be prompted with a message saying, “This code card has already been redeemed by a different account.”

Do people buy Pokemon code cards?

Since physical booster packs are quite expensive nowadays, many players resort to buying bundles of Pokemon code cards to complete their card library.

There’s nothing wrong with it, but always purchase code cards from trusted sellers.

Pokemon TCG code card won’t work. What to do?

Check if you entered the correct code. There’s also the chance that you bought an already redeemed code card, but if you think your code card is a genuine one, consider contacting the support team from the Pokemon Company.

Do the codes in the packs give you the same cards as in the physical ones?

Unfortunately, no. If you got a code card from a physical booster pack, the cards you’ll receive on Pokemon TCG Live won’t be the same with the cards that you pulled from that pack.

The Bottom Line

Code card redemption in Pokemon TCG Live is a piece of cake, unless you have a lot of code cards to redeem.

The more codes you have, the more cards you’ll receive in your Pokemon TCG Live’s card library, enabling you to build powerful decks that you can use to win games and earn Battle Pass rewards.

Apart from booster packs, you can also look for online and physical sellers of Pokemon code cards, so you can use more cards in the game without burning your wallet.

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