How to Get into Pokemon Card Collecting? 7 Essential Tips for New Pokemon TCG Fans

New to Pokemon TCG? Here’s a definitive guide on how to get into Pokemon card collecting! So, you just decided to build your own Pokemon


how to get into Pokemon card collecting

New to Pokemon TCG? Here’s a definitive guide on how to get into Pokemon card collecting!

So, you just decided to build your own Pokemon card collection. Congratulations! You are about to enjoy one of the coolest hobbies in the world.

If you never bought Pokemon cards before, choosing from a bunch of products from nearly 100 sets can be an overwhelming task at the start.

But don’t worry–as an experienced Pokemon TCG enthusiast, we’re here to help you begin your collecting journey with the following tips, so you can accumulate valuable cards that you can treasure for years to come.

Tip #1: Find a Trustworthy Seller of Authentic Pokemon TCG Cards

A true trading card game collector takes pride in obtaining only genuine Pokemon cards manufactured by no other than The Pokemon Company.

Seller Of Authentic Pokemon Tcg Cards
Credit: Prof.Manolonet

Every authentic Pokemon card has a value attached to it, and it won’t be the case for the fake ones. If you want to spend some money anyway, ensure that it’s going to be on something with value.

Your place of residence can affect your access to shops or sellers that offer authentic Pokemon cards. In case you live in the US, call yourself lucky since it’ll be easier for you to find a trusted card seller near your area.

On the other hand, it can be tricky to find authentic Pokemon cards in Asian countries, since fake card sellers are almost everywhere, labeling their products with the term “Class A.”

Fortunately, it’s now more convenient to buy online, and you can check Pokemon TCG’s authorized sellers here.

Nevertheless, recognizing a fake Pokemon card is quite easy nowadays since fake packs don’t have any code cards in them.

All Pokemon booster packs today contain a special card that you can use to redeem individual packs in Pokemon TCG Live.

Tip #2: Set up Your Budget Before Buying Pokemon Cards

Pokemon card collecting can be a serious hobby, and when we mean serious, you will need to spend some of your hard-earned money for it.

Several Pokemon cards, such as Ultra Rares and Secret Rares can fetch a price high enough to pay rent, so it’s no surprise that Pokemon TCG products will always be expensive.

To prevent your hobby from getting in the way of paying your bills, don’t forget to set up a specific budget for buying cards and ALWAYS STICK TO IT.

Remember that as a beginner, you don’t need to go straight for the hundred-dollar chase cards or those valuable singles and PSA-graded cards, especially if you’re not a competitive player or a well-off collector.

Tip #3: Start With an Affordable Pokemon TCG Set or Special Expansion

Affordable Pokemon Tcg Set Or Special Expansion
Credit: Miraj Trading

Pokemon TCG sets don’t have a set price, and the costs of their products may vary based on multiple factors, like their supply, existence of popular and powerful cards, their features, etc.

A particular fan-favorite set in the Sword and Shield era is the Crown Zenith special expansion, and since it has the best pull rates in 2023, you are more likely to score some good hits from its products.

As for the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet era, we highly recommend buying booster bundles from the Scarlet and Violet base set, Paldean Evolve, and Paldean Fates.

Booster bundles are significantly cheaper than booster boxes, making them the perfect starting point for new Pokemon TCG collectors.

Check out this video by PokeKresh as he opens some Paldean Fates Booster Bundles, only to pull a Charizard ex!

Tip #4: Learn More About What a Set Can Offer

Paldean Fates Shiny Pokemon Cards

Every Pokemon TCG set can have specific features that affect a particular game mechanic or card design.

For example, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet base set is known for having the first batch of gray-bordered cards, as well as the existence of gold cards known as Hyper Rare.

Alternatively, if you love Pokemon V, you can check out the sets from Pokemon Sword and Shield.

If you’re into Shiny Pokemon, consider buying booster packs from the Hidden Fates and Shining Fates.

As you buy products from a particular set, visit sites such as Bulbapedia, so you can learn more about its features.

Tip #5: Check the Market for Card Prices

Pokemon Tcg Collection
Credit: Kelly Fornez

Once you have a sizeable collection of Pokemon cards, you may now check the market prices of your rarest cards.

Again, some cards can fetch as high as a hundred dollars, so be sure to know the value of your cards.

If you have Pokemon cards worth more than $10, consider investing on card sleeves and top loaders so you can keep them in near-mint condition.

You can also check our Collector’s Corner page for a complete list of 10 most expensive cards for every set.

Tip #6: Try to Learn the Game

Pokemon Tcg Local Tournament
Credit: Prof.Manolonet

Unfortunately, a handful of Pokemon TCG fans are still unaware of how to play their Pokemon cards.

While there’s nothing wrong with it, we’re here to tell you that you are missing out on a lot of fun if you never tried playing Pokemon TCG before.

Moreover, mastering the rules of the game makes it easier for you to appreciate a card more not only for its artwork but also its abilities that may give a player the advantage in battle.

Feel free to try the game by learning all Pokemon TCG rules.

Tip #7: Engage With the Pokemon TCG Community

Pokemon Tcg Community
Credit: jaco_vanderwalt

Socializing with fellow collectors will not only give you the chance to obtain good cards through trading, but it can also help you gain information on the current trends in Pokemon TCG.

If you’re not the type of person who likes physical interactions, you can try engaging with other people in online forums, so you can keep yourself updated on a lot of stuff, like upcoming sets and other tips to grow your Pokemon card collection.

How to Get into Pokemon Card Collecting: Final Thoughts

Pokemon card collecting is an exciting hobby that you can enjoy in various ways other than looking at which set has the most valuable cards.

Instead of riding the hype, you can also build a collection of a specific type of cards, such as Trainer cards, Shiny Pokemon, Fire-type Pokemon, or Pokemon from a specific generation.

The choice is always yours, but keep in mind that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to be considered as a collector.

We hope this article helped you a lot in getting into Pokemon TCG! For more tips and relevant information about Pokemon TCG, read more of our contents here at PokeCardHQ.


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