Cutting Edge Collectibles: Are Miscut Pokemon Cards Worth Anything?

Weird cuts, higher prices.


Are miscut Pokemon cards worth anything? Before selling those odd cards you have, let’s find out.

So, let’s say you just visited your local card shop and after opening some Pokemon Trading Card Game booster packs, you noticed a card that’s something out of the ordinary.

This particular one only shows half of its card art!

And now you’re wondering; how did it manage to elude the prying eyes of the quality control staff at the factory? If this card’s considered an error card, will its rarity increase in value?

Now, before you have PSA grade your card, you need to know that the card you’re holding right now is an example of a miscut Pokemon card.

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What Are Miscut Pokemon Cards?

Miscut Pokemon cards are cards that have been sliced or cut in the wrong way during the printing process.

With hundreds of thousands of Pokemon cards produced in factories, it’s a no-brainer that a few of those cards may have some type of error on them.

According to a video by UnlistedLeaf, the production process of Pokemon cards requires the effort of machinery and human labor.

Machines are in charge of more tedious tasks such as corner cutting and booster packaging, while the workers supervise the majority of the process, especially the quality control aspect.

Mind you, these people aren’t just paid to look at the Pokemon cards before cutting and printing. They keep their keen eyes on each card in these massive uncut sheets and check for errors using magnifying glasses.

However, we mere humans are not excepted from committing mistakes, and hence, no matter how scrupulous the workers at the Pokemon Company are, it’s still possible for them to overlook a weird card.

And once the human worker fails, there’s no way for the machines to correct the cards, so error cards like miscut Pokemon cards will always reach the market, much to the happiness of some collectors.

Here’s the YouTube video of UnlistedLeaf giving his reactions about the overall manufacturing process of Pokemon cards:

Are Miscut Pokemon Cards Worth Anything?

Are Miscut Pokemon Cards Worth Anything

Similar to all collectible cards, miscut Pokemon cards will always have a certain value attached to them.

The real question here, is can you get some chunks of cash by selling a miscut Pokemon card?

The answer is it depends on what miscut Pokemon card you have, the severity of the error, as well as the current situation of the market for these types of cards.

Moreover, as more Pokemon TCG expansions are released per year, the likelier the odds that more card errors can be printed, and this might affect the selling point of miscut cards, which is the scarcity of supply.

A miscut Pokemon card’s value may also dip or increase based on when it is printed and its rarity. Old miscut Rare and Ultra Rares are more likely to become more expensive than modern cards.

Nevertheless, there will always be a handful of collectors out there (if you can find them) who are willing to pay hundreds of dollars if you’re selling a miscut card that features a valuable card, or if it also holds another rare oddity.

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Case in Point: A Crazy Expensive Miscut Pokemon Card

Limited-Edition Mew Movie Promo Card

The most notable example of a miscut error card having a gold-like treatment is this limited-edition Mew Movie Promo card, which also holds other errors. It was worth around $7000!

Where to Find Miscut Pokemon Cards?

Miscut Marshadow And Machamp

Source: kirsty green on X

We already mentioned that the supply of miscut Pokemon cards might increase per year, but not to the point that it would be easy for you to pull them in every pack.

Opening packs in the hopes of getting miscut Pokemon cards is still like finding a needle in a haystack.

If you don’t want to rely on sheer luck, you can always try asking your local TCG stores if they sell any miscut Pokemon cards, or you can go find them online.

Beware though, buying cards online can be risky, as you might end up wasting your money on counterfeits.

What to Do With Miscut Pokemon Cards?

In case the gods favored you and you managed to get your hands on a rare miscut Pokemon card, we recommend you have it graded by a reputable grading company like PSA to establish its authenticity and value.

The next option you have is to hold it as part of your prized collection (it might increase in value over time) or sell it online through legitimate card auction sites such as PWCC.

The Bottomline

Miscut Pokemon cards are highly collectible and desirable cards regardless of their value. They might look funny, but their rarity is undeniable in the eyes of the right misprint collectors.

You have a couple of options if you pulled a miscut error card: hold it or sell it! But whatever you do with it, make sure that you have it graded so it can get a bit more boost in value.

We hope you enjoyed our article about these amazing Pokemon cards.

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